Justin Fornal
Justin Fornal
Explorer, Author, Extreme Athlete



Justin Fornal is an international explorer and cultural detective.  In June of 2018 he was listed as the '#3 most adventurous person in the world right now' by Men's Journal. 

Fornal is the host of UNEXPLAINED AND UNEXPLORED, an exploration series that solves mysteries using both ancient maps and cutting edge technology. The program begins airing on the Discovery Channel and Science Channel in November 2019.

Fornal is a SATWF Lowell Thomas Award winning writer who has written extensively for National Geographic, VICE, The Explorers Journal, Parts Unknown, and Roads & Kingdoms. In 2016 he tracked down the lost skull of African American slave rebellion leader Nat Turner and repatriated it to the Turner descendants.  The relic had been missing since 1831. 

Fornal is a long distance swimmer and is currently planning the first historic swim from Ellesmere Island, Canada to Greenland across the Nares Strait for summer 2020. The swim will be performed in partnership Polar Bears International. PBI is an international organization dedicated to the plight of polar bears and their vanishing habitat.

 Watch Fornal complete the first circumnavigational swim of Islay, Scotland by clicking the link below.